Driving Theory Test Tuition in South Manchester and Stockport

Learning to drive in the UK includes both a driving theory test and a practical test. The theory test also includes a hazard perception test. Serving learners throughout South Manchester, Stockport, and the surrounding areas, Van Halen Driving School covers all aspects of driving theory and prepares you for your test. Contact us today to get started.


The Theory Test

You will learn a lot of what you need to know for the theory test on your driving lessons, but you will also need to do some home learning using books, CDs, DVDs, or online resources. The DVSA publishes a question bank of approximately 900 official theory test revision questions, and you are advised to make sure that any resources you use include the full official revision question bank.

The test involves answering 50 multiple-choice questions using a touchscreen computer and 5 of these questions are based on a “case study”. The pass mark is 43 out of 50 or 86%. At the end of the questions, you are given an opportunity to go back and review your answers.

Hazard Perception

After the questions element of the test, the hazard perception test will start. You watch 14 video clips and have to click the mouse when you see a developing hazard. 13 of the clips have one scoring hazard, and one of the clips has two hazards.

A developing hazard is a hazard which will cause you to change speed or direction. Each hazard has a scoring window from zero to 5 marks. The pass mark is 44 marks out of 75. You cannot cheat by repetitive clicking, as the system will detect this and award zero points for that particular clip.



After the successful completion of the test, a certificate will be issued. You will need the certificate and certificate number to arrange a Practical Driving Test, which you can book at the link below:


Understanding and Applying Theory

Our driving school provides all the tools you need to understand and pass your driving theory test.

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